Meet The Collective Team

As a Collective we will advance into a digital opportunity with informational and inspirational content to Shepard our wider community together into the best version of ourselves.

Shaun T.


Shaun Taylors is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran, Pathfinder and one of the founding members of the Tier One unit JTF-2.

Shaun Taylors spent his time in the Canadian army as a sniper, pathfinder and in Canada’s elite special forces Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2).

Chance B.


Chance Burles, @mcplburles who is President and co-national organizer of the Canadian Walk for Veterans, served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 8 years as a Combat Engineer and retired as a Master Corporal in 2013.

He served with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment in Edmonton, Alberta for 6 years including an 8-month tour of Afghanistan in 2008.

He spent the last year and a half of his service at 4 Canadian Division Training Center in Meaford, Ontario as a Recruit Instructor.

Chance has been a veteran advocate for many years and hosts the podcast “Tools for the Toolbox”.

He resides in Edmonton Alberta with his wife and two sons.

Tim T.


Tim “Gunny” Turner, @army_sgt_major joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982 and by 1986 was a member of 2 Commando/Canadian Airborne Regiment. His time in the CAF included three years in the Patrol Pathfinder platoon, qualifying as a master sniper, time with the Sky Hawks parachute team, and tours in Cyprus, Croatia, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Sierra Leone.

Gunny retired from the regular force in 2008 at the rank of Master Warrant Officer, followed by a stint in the reserves.

Gunny pursued a second career with the Alberta Sheriffs, spending over eight years with the Executive Protection Unit (EPU) holding the ranks of 1st Regimental Sgt Major and Inspector.

During his time with the Sheriffs Gunny worked for Premiers Redford, Hancock, Prentice, Notley and Kenney as well as Lt. Govs Norman Kwong, Col Don Ethell and Lois E. Mitchell.

Zak H.


Zak Hussein of Calgary is a digital media and technology entrepreneur, painter and podcaster that has also struggled with mental health and believes that we need to open the dialogue to help eradicate the stigma through the power of story of individuals.